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rediswho error

i get this error message using freeradius 3.0.19 and redis database but
there is 2 firewalls between mh freeradius server and redis database:

Error: rad_expand_xlat: xlat failed
Error: rediswho_command: database query error in: 'HMSET
%{Framed-IP-Address}  Calling-Station-Id %{Calling-Station-Id}
3GPP-User-Location-Info %{3GPP-User-Location-Info} 3GPP-SGSN-Address
%{3GPP-SGSN-Address} 3GPP-RAT-Type %{3GPP-RAT-Type}'

does this a performance issue due to latency between my freeradius server
and redis server? because on database side i see accounting requests come
to my database server.

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