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Dave Macias

After much googling i was able to use eapol_test with ipv6.
Distro provided eapol_test tool does not support ipv6 so had to build from

Looking at this old post, https://www.spinics.net/lists/hostap/msg06118.html i
needed to add the "CONFIG_IPV6=y" to the eapol_test/config_linux file to be
able to support radius server's ipv6 address.

*Possible to add it to source code?*
*I'm willing to PR it.*

Just some extra info:

Output from distro eapol_test:
$ eapol_test -c eapol_test.txt -s <mysecret> -a ::1 -N <whatever>
Reading configuration file 'eapol_test.txt'
Invalid IP address '::1'
eapol_test: eapol_test.c:1036: wpa_init_conf: Assertion `0' failed.

Output from source build with CONFIG_IPV6=y:
$ ./eapol_test_source -c eapol_test.txt -s <mysecret> -a ::1 -N <whatever>
Reading configuration file 'eapol_test.txt'
Line: 1 - start of a new network block
EAP: deinitialize previously used EAP method (25, PEAP) at EAP deinit
ENGINE: engine deinit
MPPE keys OK: 1  mismatch: 0

Thank you for the support!

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