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dialup_admin $nas_list empty

Aaron Paetznick

I originally sent this to the list on June 12th.  My original email is
below.  I'd write the missing code myself, but I want to make sure that
somebody else isn't working on the same problem.  By the way, is there
somebody I should be working with directly on issues relating to
dialup_admin?  Thanks.


I'm using FreeRADIUS v1.0.2 and dialup_admin v1.70.  FreeRADIUS and
nas_admin.php3 in dialup_admin are using the nas table in the database
correctly, but pages like user_finger.php3 user_stats.php3, stats.php3,
and failed_logins.php3 are not detecting any NASes in the database.

The problem seems to be caused by the $nas_list variable in each of
those files being empty.  I looked into it a little, and I can't see
where $nas_list is even being created, aside from nas_admin.php3.  I
noticed that the $nas_list variable is a very new addition.  I think
some code needs to be added to generate $nas_list at the top of each of
these files.  Thanks.


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