best practice with a wifi pcmcia card

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best practice with a wifi pcmcia card

DELORT Stephane
Hello there,

since I am in the pre-test part of my wifi project, I would like to know if some of you know a pcmcia wifi card able to deal with :

- linux and/or BSD (and windows)
- WPA 2 (WPA +AES)
- 802.11 b & g
- running in master mode (aka "hostap")

I saw a lot of cards having the same profile but only few support 802.11g on Linux/BSD.

Here are the cards I found :
AirLancer MC-54ag (atheros chipset, ok for hostap)
Proxim 8471-WD (still don't know about WPA support)

Thanks in advance for any help,

PS: I know this is not really related to freeradius but as freeradius could be used for wifi projects, I expect this place as the one of the most helpfull to find people with the knowledge to help.

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