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Mysql and freeradius

Joseph Abadi

Probably you had this question asked a bunch of times before, but here
we go again.... I installed freeradius1.0.2 configured with openssl. I
am using peap for authentication and everything was working fine while
using files to store user password.
I then installed Mysql server so that i could use the database for
storing that info. I  felt lazy so i just "apt-got" Mysql instead of
building it from source (running Ubuntu 2.6.8-1). I configured the
radiusd.conf and sql.conf files but when I run the server it gives me
segmentation fault just before loading the rlm_sql drivers.... (last
thing radiusd -X shows me is "sql: safe-characters
/"" Segmentation fault).

Here goes the question: how can I check if the rlm_sql_mysql driver is
being linked properly? should I rebuild freeradius? If so, with what
options? (debian mysql packages has some weird locations for
libraries, etc.. does someone know where they are?)

Thanks for your help....

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