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Fwd: PEAP + linksysWRT54G not working

alfred hitch
Hi All,

I was having a very simple network for testing,
WIN XP (SP2) client,
connecting via a wireless router . in PEAP MSCHAPv2 Mode ..

Now, everything was working fine with no issues while I was using a D-Link AP,
I replaced it with a Linksys Router (WRT54G) and boom boom bang !!!! ..

I cannot get even basic WPA-TKIP RADIUS to work.

(Btw, My Win XP PEAP is set for asking for credentials and not default
use windows domain and password. no server certificate validation )

My observations:

Issue 1:
After wireless association, router send EAPOL-req. Identiy,
1) If I enter credentials, say pradeep/pradeep .. they go to radius..
logs attached .. radius sends a challenge to router.
router doesnt seem to be forwarding this !

2) If I change above PEAP setting to use domain name .. the exchange
goes through but fails at the last step, saying no password found.

Issue 2:

Even if I assume that linksys is somehow looking for "\\" in incoming
username requests,
I was trying to configure radius for that.
And here is where I need critical help.

Is just entering the username in this format in users file ok ?

SBNOTEBOOK\\Administrator       Auth-Type := Local, User-Password == "sbook"
                        SB_Uplink = 10,
                        SB_Downlink = 20,
                        Session-Timeout = 600,
                        Fall-Through = 0

I have tried all combinations here with "\" instead of "\\" ..
turning on with_nt_domain_hack = yes in conf file.

I am new and am sure I am missing something very basic here, any help
would be appreciated.

I am attaching a log from Issue1, step2 and radiusd.conf.


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