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Accounting Start - Proxy

Byron Jeffery

I am looking into a possible scenario where we need to pass the accounting
start record to two devices simultaneously, but because we have multiple
sites, I will need to look at the source NAS and then forward/proxy to the
two correct accounting servers based on that site.  Currently our NAS can
only send the accounting start to one device at a time.

In my research, I know that there is the option of setting up a freeradius
accounting proxy with some home servers, but I am struggling to understand
if this will accomplish what we are looking to do as above.  Will I need to
reference these home servers in the Accounting section in the
sites-enabled>default config file?

Hope I made sense, sorry.

   - Kind Regards

   - Byron Jeffery
   - Assisting ICT Manager


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Re: Accounting Start - Proxy

Alan Buxey

relevant example is documented

(this even includes a 'save it locally to cover yourself' option).

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